Couple-a Flat Tires

Not only 1 flat .. but 2!

Im telling you guys its all about perspective and your attitude towards the series of events that unfold throughout your life. I seriously believe that keeping an open mind and a light hearted spirit opens so many more doors and opportunities, especially in unfortunate circumstances. Staying light hearted allows for a contagious energy that encourages people to want to help your or offer support, rather than being closed off, bitter and angry, therefore pushing people away. 

One morning Nik and I stayed at this beautiful look hill top overlooking Byron Bay, the sun shining over rolling hills in the distance. Our buddy came by to wake us up and let us know he was getting a head start and would meet us in town in about 20.  We had a busy day ahead of us, with lots of work and filming to do. But right when we fired up Ziggy,  as the universe would have it, we looked down and noticed our front right tire, was pretty much completely flat

Our Neighbor Jed, we hadn't quite met yet, was parked up beside us making his morning coffee and says " Oh yeah, I was going to say you had a flat" ... Yea,  you think! 

We jumped out and brainstormed, we knew we had a spare underneath the bed in the back and a couple bits and pieces that could get the job done, but reality was- neither of us had changed a tire before.

Regardless, first step being to un burry the spare tire, therefore having to unpack the van to find it. Leaving the van a disaster (something that throws my slight sense of OCD completely overboard), now to try and attempt step 2 - whatever that is!

Thankfully, Jed saw our poor attempt at tackling this mornings challenge and volunteered to help. ( Bless his soul!!)

He used to be a mechanic back in London and is very familiar with these types of situations. He taught me how to jack up the van and change a tire.

Tightening the last of the bolts, releasing the pressure from the jack and slowly lowering Ziggy back to the ground, he sank further and further, deeper and deeper- SHIT! The spare tire we scrounged from under our bed was ALSO flat, toooo daamn Funny! 

Ziggy now the three legged van, with two flat tires, unable to move, stuck on the top of the hill. We couldn't believe it, we were laughing our heads off, what a series of events we had entertaining our morning. Not to mention our work day hadn't even started yet. 

Jed and I removed the flat spare, each of us looking at the other for an answer on what to do next. With impeccable timing, Julia our other neighbor we just met the day before, emerged with a coffee's for us and said she would drive our flat tires down to the service station and bring us back up the hill, since Ziggy wasn't going anywhere. 

We loaded in the tires and ripped down the hill to the nearest servo, pumped up the spare and ready to rumble- too easy! But oh wait, whats that hissing sound? ...It cant be? Our spare tire pumping out that new precious air- another fucking hole!

This woman walked over to us and we explained to her how our morning had unfolded. She was excitedly adamant that we need to go and see the "tire wizard" in the next town over, this majestic woman that repairs tires out of her home! So we rang her up, " How ya going? Yep, no problem, end of the roundabout to the right, come whenever!" 

Julia, bless her soul drove us another 20 minutes to the next town, ripped into the majestic tire magician's shop. Bing-bang-boom 5 minutes and 40$ later both tires fixed and were back on the road!

While Ziggy sits patiently waiting, we slapped on the tire and FINALY, the work day begins. On to the next project

Keep in mind this could have been a lot worse, we could have been alone and not had such incredible neighbors willing and able to help us. all in all, we made new friends, we laughed, we road tripped, sang and I learned how to change a tire! Needless to say it was an overall good experience, in an unfortunate series of events, but perspective and beautiful people allowed for it to unfold with ease. 

Big thanks to Julia and Jed who individually saved our asses out of the goodness of their hearts. <3 



10 Simple Steps To Converting Your van!


I am proud to say that Ziggy is my first home, whom I love dearly, simple and minimalistic. He’s been so good to Nik and I. From Sydney to Newcastle, Yamba through the Sunny Coast and back to Byron, where we’ve decided to stay for a while. 

It has only been 3 weeks since moving into my first van, and it has been 3 weeks since I have moved into my first van with a room mate. We converted our 1994 Mitsubishi Express van into our now home named Ziggy. When we first bought him, he could have been considered the runt of the litter. Not the most attractive of the bunch, but that’s exactly why we wanted him. He was an empty cargo van with nothing but a few spare tires in the back. Ziggy was the first van we looked at and the last one on our minds. So with that, we took the plunge and bought him!! 

Keep in mind that registration and insurance is differs from county to country and state to state. In Australia It seems as though your registration has a higher fee and covers you if you accidentally hit a pedestrian but that being said you are not require to get insurance, however I strongly recommend you get third party insurance to cover your vehicle and expenses in the off chance something does happen. (Especially if you're not used to driving on the left side of the road!!) 

We went on a wild scavenger hunt to track down his insides. Driving around Sydney in search of old wooden pallets to use as wood for a bed, bought two cans of white spray paint to give him a fresh inside coat and last but not least went and checked out our local Vinny’s and Salvos for pots and pans twinkle lights and curtains. 

Super Simple Steps:

Step one: Look on Gumtree for Used Vans 

Step two: Negotiate the asking price, try and get a deal!! 

Step three: Transfer the registration into your name 

Step four: Look into third part insurance( not every country has the same policy’s) 

Step five: Troll the side walks for old pallets ( make sure your not trespassing and ask before you take) 

Step six: Buy paint or spray paint and paint while vans still empty

Step seven: Go to the local thrift store and get dishes, curtains and tapestries. 

Step eight: Measure the inside of your van and cut your pallets to the proper size. 

Step nine: Find a mattress or go to Clark Rubber to get a custom cut foamy 

Step ten: Learn to drive manual on the left side of the road ( Still working on this one)  

After all that, pat yourself on the back and take in the fact you have your new home on wheels, Completely furnished for under 300$- YIPPIE!!

Check Out GumTree?